SURF SHOP (OPEN: 7am - 5pm)
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It will be the only surf shop in Da Nang

We have everything from small items such as wax to surf boards and wetsuits
Surf season: From September to April
       Waves begin to rise from around September due to the influence of the northern seasonal winds. There are always waves until April.

Wetsuits (Reference)
       Sep-Oct: None
       Nov: Short topper
       Dec: Summer Junkie
       Jan: Spring suits
       Feb: Spring Junkie
       Mar: Short topper or Spring suits
       Apr: Short topper or rash guard

Wave size (Average)
       Sep: Waist to chest-high
       Oct: Shoulder to head-high
       Nov ~ Jan: Overhead
       Feb: Shoulder to head-high
       Mar: Chest to shoulder-high
       Apr: Waist to chest-high